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About Us

EZ-Dumper Steel Insert

For more than 40 years, EZ-Dumper® has designed and manufactured well-built, durable, quality products that have helped people save time, reduce costs, and overall improve their efficiency and performance on the jobsite. Known for quality and innovation, EZ-Dumper® offers you the versatility and convenience of managing your projects as a business owner, rancher or hobbyist. From the President of our company to our dedicated team on the factory floor, we are committed to our core values and stand behind our products and our promise to you to provide exceptional quality, innovation and customer service.

Recent History

As you may, or may not have heard, EZ-Dumper operating under BRMC Fabrications has been acquired by Olympic Steel, Inc. As of August 2019, operations moved from the Waynesboro facility up to Chambersburg, PA. We continue to manufacture the dump inserts for pick-up trucks using the same high-quality workmanship that made them popular and dependable in the beginning.


It is an old fashioned ideal, but it is a way of life at EZ-Dumper®. From advanced, technically-engineered designs to the final hand-weld on the factory floor, each EZ-Dumper® unit is built by hand, not by machines or robotics. Many of our truck dump inserts last longer than the truck itself and can stand up under the most rigorous use. Quality workmanship is what makes EZ-Dumper® stand apart.


As the needs of our customers change, so must EZ-Dumper®. By listening to our customers and dealers, we incorporate their ideas to enhance the performance of all our products. From reinforced sides to powder-coat finishes, EZ-Dumper® products expand and adapt as you need them to, providing exceptional versatility and functionality.

Customer Service

We listen and understanding the needs of our customers. From our two-year, front to back warranty to our custom-built EZ-Dumper® units, we strive for the complete satisfaction of our customers and dealers.

Mission Statement

EZ-Dumper® is committed and accepts responsibility to the various groups of people affected by our business. We pledge to work diligently and with determination to fulfill these obligations to the very best of our abilities. By achieving these values, we will become the recognized industry leader and grow our company into a respected conglomerate of Customers, Employees, Vendors, Community and Owners.


Our primary responsibility is to our customers including, the Contractors, Landscapers, Agriculturalists, Homeowners and all others who utilize and depend on our products. Our products shall be safe and innovative, of the highest quality standards and produced at the lowest possible cost. Customer orders must be promptly processed and our distributors and dealers must earn a fair profit on their investment. We pledge to provide value and exemplary service to our customers – without our customers, we will cease to exist!


We are committed to the men and women who work on our “Team”. Compensation must be fair and reasonable, retirement provided for, working conditions must be clean and safe, and management just and fair. We will place high expectations on all employees, have tolerance for their honest mistakes, and require their absolute integrity, fairness, and the highest level of business ethics in everything they do. Employees must honor their responsibilities to our Customers, Vendors, Community, Owners and Each Other to remain on our “Team”.


We will require our vendors to provide us with their highest quality solutions, require accurate order processing and timely delivery. We will promptly discharge our payment responsibilities to them in return for their efforts and expect our vendors to earn a fair profit.


We must support worthy charitable causes, be a good corporate citizen and pay our fair share of taxes. We will respect the property we use and promote health, education, civic improvement and responsible government.

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