Custom Service Body Dump Inserts

The EZ-Dumper® Custom Service Body Dump Insert is a custom-built unit up to a maximum 9′ length made specifically to fit your Service or Utility Truck Body. Save time and effort, with the EZ-Dumper® Custom Service Body Dump Insert you can unload your truck bed in about 15 seconds with the push of a button. You’ll never have to unload your truck by hand again!

The Custom Service Body Dump Insert can hold and unload up to 6,000 lbs. or two cubic yards of firewood, topsoil, gravel, mulch, grain, any material your jobsites require, depending on the weight-carrying capacity of your truck.

Product Details

Easy to install and operate

Do-it-yourself installation of EZ-Dumper® is a breeze. Our custom service and utility truck body dump inserts bolt directly to most truck beds in two or three hours with few or no alterations or mods required. We even include the hydraulic fluid! All you need are a few common tools.

Nearly effortless operation. To empty a payload, simply open the tailgate and with the push of a button on your remote, dump and lower via a 12V Monarch Hydraulic Double-Acting Pump connected directly to your truck’s battery. The EZ-Dumper® lifts to an angle of 51 degrees in about 15 seconds for a quick and clean unloading. Never unload your truck by hand again.

For complete install instructions, review our owner’s manual.


  • The Original Hydraulic Dump Insert for Trucks (Since 1972)
  • Available in Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Custom Made to Fit Your Service Body
  • 6,000lb Lift Capacity
  • 14 Gauge Steel Sides
  • 12 Gauge Steel Floor
  • Expansion Stake Pockets Available
  • Flat Bar Rub Rail Available
  • Powder Coat Black protects against premature rust and corrosion
  • Turn Your Service Truck into a Dump Truck in About 2 – 3 Hours
  • Removable, Double-acting Tailgate Lets You Dump, Then Spread What You Dump
  • Full Front-to-Tailgate, Parts and Labor Two-Year Warranty


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Available Options

  • Cab Protector
  • Tarp Kit
  • Coal Chute Spreader Tailgate